Artwizz SeeJacket Silicone for iPhone 6 - Black:

Artwizz SeeJacket Silicone for iPhone 6 - Black

SeeJacket® SiliconeProtective case made of soft silicone for iPhone_6

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Soft, stock-resistent protective case for iPhone 6 The SeeJacket Silicone offers your iPhone 6 resilient protection. The soft, very high quality silicone won’t just feel good in your hand, it will also protect your iPhone well against bumps and scratches. Like rubber this protective case for your iPhone 6 doesn’t just feel great and offer a good grip, it’s also resistant to wear and tear. Every impact is absorbed by the soft material. Making the iPhone 6 case – and every fall the floor – incredibly soft. Easy to slip on, simple to wash and lightweight It’s super easy to slip the iPhone 6 into the exact fitting silicone case. The supple material encloses the back of your phone and subtly in frames the edges of the screen, offering the screen addition protection. Thanks to its resilient silicone, the case can easily be washed with clean water. The silicone case compliments the slim design of the iPhone 6, making it a great choice for your life, profession and sports.
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Back case
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iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
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