Datorsoma Tucano Work Out III Slim 13” - fuksija:

Datorsoma Tucano Work Out III Slim 13” - fuksija


Exterior in tough water-repellent two-tone nylon
Side inserts in waxed-effect fabric
Rigid fabric-covered handles
Inverted zips to hide their teeth from view
Laptop protected by Anti-Shock System
Dedicated iPad / tablet pocket
Fabric slots for attaching shoulder strap

Work Out 3 Slim Bag by Tucano in color Fuchsia for MacBook 13” devices.

For all types of MacBook, Ultrabook, or 13" notebook, there is only one solution: the Work Out 3 Slim Bag.
The work bag par excellence. Always gives a great impression with its urban, contemporary look thanks to its water-resistant two-tone fabric and contrasting waxed-effect border. The zips are inverted to hide their teeth from view, giving the Work Out 3 a look that is both clean and refined.
The front has two pockets: the first giving rapid access with its velcro fastening and interior designed to hold your smartphone and other items, such as pens, keys and cards; the other contains your accessories and your most 'precious' objects, with a solid zip fastening. On the rear, another pocket is provided for your papers and documents.
Inside, your 13" MacBook Air or Pro, or your 13" Ultrabook, is well protected by our padded Anti-Shock system, while the additional Multi-Fit pocket is ideal for your iPad or other tablet.
Work Out 3 Slim Bag is comfortable to carry, thanks to its rigid, fabric-coated handles, or its detachable, adjustable shoulder-strap.
Simple, elegant lines, completely redesigned for today: Work Out 3 is the make-over for the original Work Out, Tucano's all-time best-selling collection.

EAN kods
Kalpošanas ilgums
Krāsa (konfigurējamie produkti)
up to 13"
Korpusa tips
Mac savietojamība
MacBook 12", MacBook 13", MacBook Air 11", MacBook Air 13", MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro Retina 13", MacBook Pro 13" (2016), MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar
Atmiņas apjoms
13 inch